The Human-Scale NYC Report Card on Candidates for City Office

"This organization uses a committee to develop a "30-question survey on land use and real estate board reform, affordable housing, campaign finance reform, upzonings, MIH, and air rights transfers. We sent it to over 300 candidates and kept after them to fill it out. To get a high grade, or even a grade at all, the candidate had to do several things. 

1. The candidate could not take significant amounts of money from the real estate industry or the real estate industry’s lawyers, spouses, underlings, relatives, and lobbyists. 

2. They had to simply fill out our survey. 

3. Our committee subjectively filtered and graded the candidates on the degree to which their answers to our survey questions reflected a critical understanding of the city’s current housing, zoning, and land-use policies, the extent we thought the candidate seemed aligned with the HumanScale vision for New York City - all of which is laid out on our website."

Grade of A - Top of the Class


"Erin Hussein, District 2, Manhattan Hussein wrote: “the benefits and burdens of density should be shared throughout the city...” Attorney and mother,  Hussein is a more than credible challenger to incumbent Rivera who has a very poor voting record on our land use issues and history of taking money from big real estate. Unlike the incumbent, Erin Hussein is a strong supporter of historic districts and thinks East River Park should be saved.  She scored highly on our scorecard in the last election cycle as well."