Governors Island Position

On Tuesday, May 11th, 2021, Councilmember Carlina Rivera, who is fortunate to have a seat on the powerful City Council Committee on Land Use, skipped a crucial opportunity to vote against giving private developers and corporations the ability to build hotels and tall commercial buildings on the southern half of Governors Island. Rather than be in the Zoom room where it happened, CM Rivera abdicated her responsibility to stand up for the residents of District 2 who have called and written her office to plead with her to vote no.


This marks a second time in recent months, the first being the SoHo NoHo upzoning, that CM Rivera has declined to reveal publicly her stance on a land-use issue of great importance to District 2.


The rezoning plan will unfortunately now move forward to a full vote of the City Council on May 27, which CM Rivera will hopefully attend, and let voters in District 2 know her stance on this very important issue.


I am against the rezoning plan and new, tall buildings that will box in green space and the open skies above Governors Island, which is currently enjoyed by New Yorkers from every zip code and accessible by a free ferry ride. This would particularly impact residents of extremely dense District 2, many of whom do not have a country house to visit and had no representation yesterday on the Committee on Land Use against wealthy developers whose intent is to build on every open space to enrich themselves.


As Councilmember, I will defend our green space and public land, stand firm against any further development of Governors Island and work to mitigate all damage created by the current lame duck de Blasio administration and its willing accomplices in City Council.