I believe NYC is the greatest city on earth.

​Land Use

  • Land use rules must be reformed.

  • The post-COVID economy will present challenges and opportunities for the city, and we need leadership that will be forward-thinking.

  • Neighborhoods should have a leading role in their own future.

  • Housing should be affordable for all New Yorkers, including the 40% of New Yorkers living near or below the poverty line.

  • NYC can build good, permanent, truly affordable housing without super-tall luxury buildings.

  • New buildings should be human scale and green and fit into their surroundings.

  • Historic districts must not be upzoned.

  • I am 100% against the privatization of NYCHA.


  • Good schools should be built before new residential units.

  • Every elementary school child should have the choice of a good school close to home.

  • We must meet every student where they are academically, developmentally and emotionally.

  • I will

    • Champion intentional school redesign that is student-centered and focuses on the whole child.

    • Invest in family and community education and engagement.

    • Ensure that schools are desegregated and antiracist.

    • Build educational programming for our earliest learners.

    • Provide every high school student a path to a successful career of the future.


​Quality of Life

  • Hospitals should be built before new residential units.

  • Seniors have a right to age in place.

  • Pedestrians and bike riders deserve to be safe from death and bodily injury when using our city's streets.

  • We must help society's most vulnerable find their way into housing and off the streets.

  • Our streets must be clean and safe for everyone.

Small Businesses​

  • Good small businesses should have a right to a lease renewal.

  • I will fight to be on the Small Business Committee of the City Council to make sure District 2 businesses have a seat at the table.

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