I believe NYC is the greatest city on earth.

​Land Use

  • Land use rules must be reformed.

  • The post-COVID economy will present challenges and opportunities for the city, and we need leadership that will be forward-thinking.

  • Neighborhoods should have a leading role in their own future.

  • Housing should be affordable for all New Yorkers, including the 40% of New Yorkers living near or below the poverty line.

  • NYC can build good, permanent, truly affordable housing without super-tall luxury buildings.

  • New buildings should be human scale and green and fit into their surroundings.

  • Historic districts must not be upzoned.

  • I am 100% against the privatization of NYCHA without the clear, informed consent of residents.


  • Good schools should be built before new residential units.

  • Every elementary school child should have the choice of a good school close to home.

  • We must meet every student where they are academically, developmentally and emotionally.

  • I will

    • Champion intentional school redesign that is student-centered and focuses on the whole child.

    • Invest in family and community education and engagement.

    • Build educational programming for our earliest learners.

    • Provide every high school student a path to a successful career of the future.


​Quality of Life

  • Hospitals should be built before new residential units.

  • Seniors have a right to age in place.

  • Pedestrians and bike riders deserve to be safe from death and bodily injury when using our city's streets.

  • We must help society's most vulnerable find their way into housing and off the streets.

  • Our streets must be clean and safe for everyone.

Small Businesses​

  • Good small businesses should have a right to a lease renewal.

  • I will fight to be on the Small Business Committee of the City Council to make sure District 2 businesses have a seat at the table.


  • NYCHA must be fully funded.

  • I support an audit of NYCHA.

  • I oppose the warehousing of apartments in NYCHA. Every vacant apartment must be refurbished and made available to eligible tenants without delay. 

  • I am 100% against the privatization of NYCHA without the clear, informed, overwhelming consent of residents.

  • I will directly hold NYCHA and the borough office accountable in guaranteeing timely and proper repairs and services to its residents.

  • I will work with tenant leaders and residents in ensuring that safety and quality of life remain a top priority.

  • I will bring to residents in NYCHA the accountability and respect they deserve. 

SoHo NoHo Upzoning

  • I am opposed to this developer-led boondoggle. I will not vote for it, and, if it is passed during these last months of the current Council term, I will do everything in my power to reverse it and mitigate any damages to the surrounding communities, including Chinatown and the Lower East Side, from the upzoning.

  • There is little doubt: the upzoning will not increase the diversity of SoHo and NoHo or net affordable housing. This will make these communities whiter and wealthier while demolishing humanscale buildings that house New Yorkers and destroying the historic character that draws tax revenue from tourism and film productions -- not to mention the legacy of the arts in SoHo and NoHo.