Hello, I'm Erin Hussein. 

My great-grandmother left fascism in Poland and my grandparents escaped communism in Albania to immigrate to the United States. They all entered through Ellis Island, and for that reason my grandfather was a life-long Yankees fan.  My father was stationed on Governors' Island as a young officer.  I grew up visiting New York City regularly.

I moved to New York City for college when I was 18.  

We get it -- the Greatest City on Earth didn't just pop out of nowhere.  We know our history.  People have been coming here from all over the world since the 1600s, and when people arrive, they generally stay -- because it's the Greatest City on Earth.  


We know that people are going to keep coming and keep staying, now more than ever as our city reinforces its history of offering sanctuary and hope.  We know there are going to be 5 million people here in 2030.  


I know my own story.  From my first apartment in this District in Kips Bay - converted into a 3-bedroom so we could share the rent and pay down our student loans.  My second apartment on 6th Street, a building that sadly replaced the historic Philmore East theater but which conformed to the surrounding buildings and provided affordable housing.  As newlyweds, my husband and I bought


I've been the young adult leaving the bars in alphabet city at 4 AM and stopping for pizza on the corner of Saint Marks on my way home. I've been the woman standing in the middle of the Bowery watching The towers Bert. I've been the mom with the kid at Tompkins Square, Park and Union Square, Park and Madison Square, Park and once even Gramercy Park.I received the letter that my daughter is on the waitlist for kindergarten at the public school three blocks away because there simply aren't enough desks.  I've been the board president of my co-op and watched an alarm and Union Square  


and now Astor Place have become many times square. I've biked and probably every street in the district, and I've been hit by bikers going the wrong way.


And I have watched and asked why are people weren't taking care of our neighborhood. I have asked I've wondered why they allowed the ball more building to be torn down and replaced by a massive skyscraper.     I've asked why they allow so many new apartment buildings to be built on the lower East Side while there is a shamefully high percentage of public school students waking up in a homeless shelter every morning   I've wondered why they didn't require the new building on Cooper square to building a second entrance to the Astor place 6 station.  


I've asked myself who is thinking about my family and my neighbors